For many years, Recruit-a-Friend (RaF) was a very attractive benefit in the sense that it gave 300% increased experience while leveling, and it greatly helped everyone, not only multiboxers, level their characters through the long haul of levels that are currently in the game today. Unfortunately, late January of 2018, Blizzard nerfed the experience that RaF gave, without giving much advance or reason as to why, and so it's been quite lackluster for the past ~16 months.

Well, as of today, Blizzard has announced that they're going to be discontinuing the current iteration of RaF, only to replace it with a new version that is "even more rewarding" shortly after the system is put on pause on June 11th, 2019. What other benefits they might be able to offer new players, other than bonus1 experience, mounts, and pets, is yet to be seen, but let's hope that it's something useful to players who are actually looking to level their characters.

1 50% "bonus" experience that doesn't stack with heirlooms is hardly bonus experience.