What do you guys think about 5 enhancement shaman? Assuming IWT is still available. I was trying to stay away from a traditional mixed team of 1 tank, 3 dps, 1 healer.

The main goal is to go through 5 man dungeons, and eventually PvP a bit. I doubt 5 enhance would be accepted into a raid environment.
Questing would likely generate gear easier, since they'd all be competing against all the same leather and weapons in a dungeon, but I was considering Skinning/Leatherworking to pump out some Leather/Mail gear as the group needs and running 5 mans regardless.

The strategy in dungeons would be:
-Stoneclaw x5 to grab initial aggro of each cluster of mobs, and nuke them 1 by 1. Same idea when AoE is needed, but with Magma/Nova Totems.
-Healing Stream from each character to keep rolling HoTs going (I hear each healing stream stacks, unlike Mana Spring Totem but my only reference is a TBC blog TwentyTotems). Do you guys know if Healing Stream can stack from multiple Shamans in the same party?
-Low rank Lesser Healing Waves from each Shaman for Bosses, and Chain Heal if desperate.

That's the general idea. Talents (Anticipation? Toughness? Earth's Grasp?) and weapons (2H? 1H/Shield /w Spell Power?) are just an afterthought right now.