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    Anyway, speaking of goofy fun comps. I was thinking about the 4 paladins / 1 druid thread yesterday and I started thinking 4 druids and a paladin actually might not be that terrible if IWT is working. You could make toggles to switch between bear/cat form and you'd have 4*innervates on your paladin to heal for days, 4*NS/HT if your paladin gets low. Your druids would be immune to slows/roots and the whole group would be pretty tanky.

    Cat DPS isn't terrible if you can figure out a macro setup to manage combo points. Not as strong as warriors but still something fun to try if you just like making unusual groups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    Seems super sketchy to me. The more damage you're taking, the more you have to stop and hard cast a heal, which means the less damage you're doing and the longer it will take you to kill things.

    I guess it could work but I don't see the point over just going with a proper tank and 4 shamans.

    not saying it beats tank 3dps healer, but op wants to avoid it so yeah dropping 1 shaman is the equivalent to running tank 3dps heal

    ofc its faster if you dedicate one as resto so the other enhancer dont get their swing timer reset from casting, can always do that if things dont go well
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