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    first of all sorry for my english.

    almost 10 years ago I stopped the multibox on WOW, I would like to start again. I would like to know if for 5 accounts in average settings, my configuration is sufficient.

    i5 9600K 3.70GHz
    16GB DDR4
    GTX 1080 8GB

    I thank you for your response in advance .

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    If you want to run programs in the background and/or a lot of add-ons, then you'll want 32GB of RAM. Other than that, it looks fine.
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    You wont regret upgrading to the i9 9900k though, 8 cores 16 threads, if you can afford it. And getting those 32gb ram.

    And make sure all games run in dx11 legacy and also create slot swap macros, you can find the latest video guide by Mirai on his youtube channel, multiboxology. Note the links in the video description aswell.

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