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    Default Track Debuff Timers on target

    Hello guys.

    I'm using both Weakauras and tellmewhen for tracking party cds (tmw) and procs (wa) but there's one thing I've not been able to do which is to track debuffs present on target.

    For example, I have a 5 warlock team and I want to be able to track Doom and be able to know which one has already expired on the target (same can apply to Flame shock and many others).

    Only thing on that matter I've achieved so far is track own debuff on target as well as when any party member casts it (but never separately - when one member casts Doom, it triggers all others).

    Is someone able to help on 1) which of the above mentioned addons is best for this and how to do it (settings)?

    Basically what I want to do (WIP) is that all actionable procs (ex: Demonic Core - Makes Demonbolt instant), I put their on top of the actionable spell icon for each toon (I use ElvUI) and click on it when it prompts (since it clicksthrough, it's great).
    I intend to remove these kind of actions from the macros.

    I hope to optimize dps.
    Will see .

    Thanking you in advance.
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    Paste this into the chat window of whichever character you want to see debuffs on

    /console noBuffDebuffFilterOnTarget 1
    Then you will be able to see all debuffs from any party/raid member on the enemy nameplate...

    Ah nvm you want to know which party members.. sorry.
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    Weakauras is not so ideal for tracking timers when cast by other players, or another player's cooldowns.

    What I did is make pairs of weakauras to do the "announcement" and the "timer display". I made all my characters join a chat channel with an obscure name. But unchecked that channel from my general chat display.

    In your case you can make a WA called DoomSrc which on successful-cast-trigger says in the hidden chat channel "I have just cast Doom" and only triggers on own spell. So each Warlock will say it every time they cast.

    Then make other weakauras to be the "receivers": a trigger which looks for chat event "I have just cast Doom". Using the option "Timed" you can make a progress bar or icon cooldown swipe that lasts 30 seconds. You will need to make one of these weakauras for each character (which is fine in your case because you want your click-throughs for each toon separately).

    Apart from Doom timer, this technique is handy for more complex situations like demonic core. Although you can make a weakaura that shows how many stacks of DC, you can't see how many soul shards you have on another character. You might only want to cast Demonbolt when you have less than 4 soul shards. At that point you could click-through to a castsequence macro that casts Demonbolt followed by Hand of Guldan. So in this case the "announcement" weakaura would have 2 triggers for aura=DC buff and status|power|shards<=3.

    However, be careful with creating too many "announcer" WAs because flooding any chat channel can cause client disconnects.

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