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    Default How lo loot low level mobs with 2x8 Groups


    can anyone tell me how to loot low level mobs (which are onehit) with 2x8?
    My problem is, that group 2 cant tag these mobs because they are onehit - bfa mobs are not a problem but lower lvl ones are.
    Is there a way to do so?
    Thank you

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    5 is the max, did you mean 2x4?

    You can try a DoT spell which would give your 2nd team one extra GCD to tag, probably have to remove your gear as well.

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    In the current 8.x builds, that's almost impossible as the damage scaling results in a one-shot with just about anything you can do and regardless of being naked.
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    Only solution I see - Is to have some low lv. that do the first hit
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    Maximum tag amount should be 9, but only when doing 4+5.
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    You can remove your gear and only hit them with 1 char per group

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    there is a toy for that (that I don't have and whose name elude me)

    edit: here it is

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    I'd try using non-damaging, but still offensive abilities, taunts, faerie fire, dispel magic, etc from one group with the other group going slightly slower with the one shot ability. As long as they cause threat, they should tag for that group, even if they're not doing any damage.

    Edit to Add:
    Also, for mobs over level 90, you probably can create a custom farming group fairly easily. Fresh DH start at 98 and likely don't 1 shot level 90s or even down into the high 80s, character boosts are 110. DK start at 55 if you want to do something in the 1 - 60+ range, etc
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    I forgot to mention that in addition to the items I linked above, you can use heal to tap/tag too, that's how the Wow Secret Findings folks share the mounts with a lot of people, 1 person aggros, you heal the person that has aggro and get tap, drop out of group you still have it and so on and you can get 40 people with the Time Lost Protodragon in 1 kill
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