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    Default 10 accounts processor requirements

    Can you help me in choosing the cheapest processor to play on 10 accounts? I have gtx 1060 3gb.
    I will play on lowest graphic settings. On main account i want to have 60fps on others 30fps.

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    You probably shouldn't play 10 accounts on a 1060 3GB, especially when you want high FPS.
    I don't know about processor since I think it's not a good idea to 10box on 1 computer, even if it's possible, I think it's better to use 2 computers with 5 accounts on each.

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    Get atleast a intel 8700k, overclock and use a good aio. Get 64 gb ram. Get the nvidia 1070ti or better. This will give you ok performance with lowest settings, and some semi high on main. Use fps 60 for main and 20 on slaves. You can use 30 on slaves, but tbh it works fine with 20. Its very hard to get a budget build with 60 fps consistantly. But it will be 50 + usually, with dips down to low 40 if very hectic areas. Its not too bad. When you are on your own out in the world etc, fps are usually high and "butter smooth". This is the lowest specc i would recommend for 10.

    If you can push the budget a bit, get the 9900k instead, as it has 8 cores / 16 threads
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