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    Exclamation Classic thought on follow/pvp realm

    Anyways, to quickly introduce my self:
    My wow name is Peregrine and for quite some time I've multiboxed on pserv.
    After several years I've swapped to retail but I've just find it extremely unrewarding (my wow account is 12 years old). Got glad, bla bla but the game simply does not have any taste anymore (rampant farming of ilevel,pets and mounts) for past 5 months has left sour taste of boxing.

    I can't wait for Classic to come out and I'll prolly play it quite alot! (Kruschpak, it's that shaman that was in your multibox guild on war*** server,hit me up if you read this message).

    Anyways, let's get on topic

    I'll most likely roll the pvp realm (unless the follow is completely disabled on pvp).

    My current choice is either 4x orc warrior/1x hybrid resto/enhance shaman or 4x warlock/1x sp due to various buffs)

    Now, given if the interact with target is enabled I think the 4x warrior/1x shaman could be better (with proper usage of FAP) but if the Iwt is not enabled I think dot 'n' run tactic paired with 4x death coil/shadowburn/4x seduce could be extremely well.

    The problem is that Locks are really squishy overall and they require fast reactions and some gear. True, there is an SLSL lock which can also be very good if I go 5x lock. Thing is , will 16 debuff limit be also applied for pvp or only pve is the thing that boggles me.

    And ofc, then there is a 5x ele/hybrid shaman that can also work really good but the question is without water shield how often would you go oom? We can also go full resto for mp5 totem on round robbin and that could also work really well 90% mana then again 60% which means effectivly you would only need to drink once per 5 mins or so.

    I am keen to hear your thoughts about this setup and why do you think it would work/would not work.
    I also am looking to pair up with boxers for UBRS/MC for equal loot sharing and farming all the content given that once you know what to do everything is more or less easy if you have 5-8 boxers of 5+ toons.

    So, lads n ladies please don't be afraid to share your opinion as I would really like to hear your thoughts.
    Any input is well appreciated.!!

    Kind regards,
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