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    Default Wow Classic - beta stress test report - follow in pvp / iwt work!

    After a chaotic start I was able to finally dual box in the classic beta stress test

    I was very happy to see that IWT, follow, isboxer addon in general worked perfectly.
    EMA had some lua error which I'm sure will get fixed soon (filled an issue already)

    But the big news for me was... fighting in PVP mode in the Gurubashi Arena and having follow continue to work !

    Oh and also, I won the fight at level 3 against a level 5 (well ok... I was 2 level 3s with heal vs a mage... but... I won!).

    For your pleasure of seeing follow working in pvp:

    youtube takes a while to process in 1440p so meanwhile,
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    That's pretty cool. Hopefully it stays this way. I guess we'll see!

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    Oh nice, I think it'll be removed after some time but hey, let's enjoy it.

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    Nice! Thank you for testing /follow in pvp. I needed to know this so bad

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    ok now keep this low profile, if the devs dont recongnize it now they might hesitate to fix it post release^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruschpakx4 View Post
    ok now keep this low profile
    Not much chance of that. As soon as people see boxing in BG's there'll be a billion tickets and forum posts with people whining.

    Still, I haven't had much hope that Blizzard would keep it genuine but there's always the chance that the change was deliberately reverted and will stay this way. This is how it should be in 1.21, after all.

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    if they want follow in pvp we have if not we will not doing it at any time will not matter i can not see them getting us to level and then a few weeks later making us move realms from a pvp server, rember on live they removed pvp servers just my opt

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    Upon closer inspection, Ebony has confirmed that neither of the PVP_COMBAT flags exist in the current Classic client (I've re-confirmed that, as well).

    However, with how several people have now said something along the lines of "KEEP THIS A SECRET," only reinforces the idea that you know it could just disappear in the blink of an eye with a quick hotfix. While most multiboxers can handle themselves with such power, you know that the same people who potentially ruined it for you in the first place, are likely to be back at it again. So, yeah... should we start a pool to see how long /follow continues to function while in PvP combat?

    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    Not much chance of that. As soon as people see boxing in BG's there'll be a billion tickets and forum posts with people whining.
    We don't know if /follow works in battlegrounds or not, since /follow was disabled on the entire battleground map, and so we won't know until battlegrounds are released (unless they beta test them beforehand).

    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    This is how it should be in 1.21, after all.
    I've seen you say 1.21 before and thought it was a typo for 1.12, but now that you've said it again I assume I am wrong. So, to clarify, the Classic client is 1.13, not 1.21.
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    here the commands if anyone like to test them there selfs

    the middle one is what it says in Bg's as well as Trying to follow npcs/pets other faction etc.

    here what u get in game

    LIVE: 8.0 to 8.1.5

    classic Beta

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