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    Default Powerlevelling / boosting at level 60 in Classic

    Considering that I might have more than 1 team - what's the best known way of boosting your alts?

    I remember using my main (a pally) to boost my team back in TBC, by doing instances and leaving the team parked and the pally killing all the mobs. I guess something similar could be done with for instance a mage.

    Is that the most efficient way of boosting alts? Does it even work in vanilla?
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    From my limited understanding the two issues I see that this faces would be that by having a higher toon the amount of exp shared with the lower is minuscule (does someone know the number scaling for this by chance?), and there is a limit on the number of times you can run said instance in an hour (5?)

    So not sure if its worth it in vanilla but please correct if there is contradicting information

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    Boosting works the same in vanilla as it did through TBC/Wrath. Your XP per kill does get reduced a lot with a level 60 in the group but it's still a lot more XP per hour than you can gain by yourself.

    Mage is by far the best character for dungeon boosting.

    As Alliance I generally go:
    Deadmines 10 to 15
    Stockades 15 to 21
    SM:Cathedral 21 to 42
    BRD 42 to 48

    Boosting past 48ish gets slow because you need to kill much higher level mobs that start becoming too difficult for a mage to solo easily. At that point you're probably better off trying to gear up your group and just run dungeons normally.

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