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    Default GTX 1060 6GB or RX 580 8GB ?

    Take me out of confusion please:

    Which one is better for multiboxing 8 accounts in BfA?

    or which one you recommend buying?

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    I found where it compares both

    But since I am not very knowledgeable I will not give advice on which is better. I will note I am using a 1070 boxing 5 on minimal settings so boxing 8 on a 1060 may be pushing it.

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    I would try get the 1070ti or better tbh.
    If thats not an option, any of those you mention will work ok for 1080p at lowest settings (and the main character at 1ish with some settings increased). Kinda depends heavily on which cpu you plan to use though.

    An older max 4 year i7 6core/12threads is bare minimum i would say: for 25-60 fps on main and slaves on 20 fps. If you visit a busy city it could drop to 20 fps sometimes on the main character. But it will be fine enough for most content and areas, but fps will vary like 30-60. Dont expect stable 50 fps ++ all the time in raids and such. It will be a bit choppy at times, but ok.. And get atleast 32gb ram. "This is a beginner cheap build machine".

    The more cores and higher clockspeed you have on the cpu, the more stable and higher your overall performance will be.
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    I'm late to the party, but when two GPUs perform similar to each other, you should probably opt for the one with more VRAM.
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