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    Default Fun teams for WPVP during phase 2?

    Sounds like we'll see some fun opportunities for multiboxing WPVP with the announced PVP schedule for classic (phase 2).

    Perhaps rogues with a druid healer would be nice for the surprise effect? Or mages? I don't recall how well PoM+Pyroblast worked in vanilla, but could be some fun to be had there.
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    Depends if IWT is available or not. If it is I'll be rolling warriors. If not, warlocks.

    Maybe even do both and move between each group while the other gets rested.

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    5 shockadins seems s-tier for pvp

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    Paladins alone will be a struggle. Half the classes in the game can run circles around you since you have no gap closers or slows.

    Pairing a few shockadins with a warrior for piercing howl/hamstring would make the comp much more viable.

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    Ill be going double nelf hunter for wPvP

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