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    Default Solved - Taskbar raising because of WoW "flashing" its own icon.


    I was slowly being driven insane by frequently having to click on the various WoW windows to get them to stop turning their icons orange in the taskbar and making the taskbar stay up -- blocking my view.

    Turns out this is a WoW feature. God forbid you should miss a whisper, LFG invite, role check, ready check, et. al. -- so WoW uses Windows Flashing to turn its icon orange to get your attention. I can see how this would be useful in some cases, but for my setup it was completely unneeded and... frustrating. (I didn't even know what caused the flashing to happen, at first.)

    Here is a picture of flashing in action:

    Here is an imgur link for those that can't see the picture above.

    So, I asked on Discord if anyone knew about this, and Lax came to my rescue! He recalled an addon called !NoFlash from years ago, which was made to address this issue.

    The addon is showing its age, and most of the caller names it looks for to intercept (to block them) have changed -- but for turning the flashing all the way off, the addon works fine.

    Steps to install:

    1. Download !NoFlash from the Curseforge site.
    2. Install it like you would install any addon.
    3. Edit the .toc file, update the Interface: to the current interface number (80100 at the time I wrote this.)
    4. Configure the addon by editing the .lua file. Crude, but effective. Here is the edited section on mine, mostly just setting flags to false.

    Top of !NoFlash.lua:

    -- Configuration Section start --
    -- flash the window on incoming whispers
    local FlashOnWhisper = false
    -- flash the window when your toon enters combat
    local FlashOnEnterCombat = false
    -- flash when the role select window in a raid pops up
    local FlashOnRoleSelect = false
    -- flash when a pvp invite is pending
    local FlashOnPvpInvite = false
    -- flash when an lfg invite is pending
    local FlashOnLfgInvite = false
    -- flash when a ready check was issued
    local FlashOnReadyCheck = false
    -- allow flashing from unknown sources (i.e. addons)
    local FlashFromUnknownSource = false
    -- shows debug messages in chat
    local EnableDebugMessage = false
    -- Configuration Section end   --
    Until the addon gets worked on, you cannot choose to let certain events use Flashing. This method only works to get rid of all Flashing.

    For my situation, it works perfectly. Blessed, blessed relief!
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    !NoFlash has been updated specifically for WoW Classic.

    Where do you find it? read this....

    Curseforge is now owned by Twitch.
    By installing the Twitch APP on your PC, you can search for addons from Curseforge and install them with 1 click.
    Honestly, doing it any other way is basically just being a stubborn old fart.
    It even helps keep them updated for you, give it a try dudes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nudiggity View Post
    Where do you find it? read this....
    Brandish already provided a link in his original post, up above.
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