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    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Tire View Post
    Follow is most likely disabled during pvp combat and for sure in bgs so this limits what I would play
    Follow does work in pvp in the classic beta so far (see my thread/video)
    5,8 boxing wow with DynamicBoxer for isboxer, give it a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet)
    Join many boxers playing Classic on US PvP Alliance: <Epic>@Blaumeux
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    Quote Originally Posted by laxxle View Post
    Hunter + Druid sounds interesting to me as well.
    cheetah/cheetah - HoTs + Roots; for example would allow this combo to be rather mobile
    This is what I decided on as well. Get bird for screech go BM throw thorns on pet and he can tank like crazy and hold agro. Hunter is easy to remote control and I can do macros for the rotation.

    Was going to 5 box but decided against it. Can do dungeons with this comp as well even with other people.

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    Messed around on a good private server which doesn't have any isboxer support. Was a clunky setup and using 2 hunters killing stuff. Easily out kill mages grinding not sure how much fun that would be. Went one BM one Marks need the distance marks gives at 20. Single target health bars melt away and these where mobs 2 to 5 levels higher. Kiting was funny with 2 pets attacking while mob was chasing me.

    Make sure your main hunter has Spirit going to need the mana regen... Also get some mana plus food for no downtime.

    Also did hunter with druid which is a good combo as well. A lot of synergy. I was just using druid as heal bot and buff bot. Still going through mobs pretty well. Never any downtime either. Druid was adding dot, healing and the occasional wrath.

    I would do skinning and alchemy for professions while your grinding to 60 and both setups benefit from it.

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    Main reason I mentioned hunter/druid was for stealth runs. You can stealth the druid through and then run to a safe spot with your hunter and feign death. This way you can skip trash in most dungeons and farm bosses. Makes for pretty quick gearing.

    You also don't really need to go full BM. 8 Points into BM for thick hide is all you really need to make your pet tanky enough to farm just about any dungeon boss. Get yourself an owl with screech, growl and natural armor. Owls have more balanced tanking stats than any other beast that can learn screech -- which is the best TPS ability your pets have access to after growl.

    If you like you could take a couple of points out of hawk eye and put them into improved mend pet to dispel fear and disease effects that your druid can't remove.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    ... Hunters are great soloers but two hunters can't do much more than one hunter solo. If you pair a hunter with a healer (druid is great for stealth runs whlie your hunter feigns to lose agro) you could do stuff like solo tribute runs, Maraudon farming, 2man BRD emperor, etc.
    For farming BRD Emperor, how much faster is the duo stealth/FD approach compared to 4warriors+healer (or 3 warriors+ 2 healers)?

    In the duo stealth/FD approach roughly how many times does the Hunter have to feign death to get to the Emperor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    Warrior + healer (paladin or shaman) would be my choice.

    Warriors are unstoppable with a healer supporting them. If you get ganked, paladins and shamans are both very tanky and freedom/dispels from paladins ruin anybody trying to kite your warrior. It's also generally fast to pug a few DPS when you want to do dungeon quests.
    At launch me and a buddy did Shaman/Warrior. Keep in mind that I was the 2nd shaman to hit the cap world wide, and he was like the third or fourth warrior world wide to cap.

    It was a terrible combination. Neither of us had great DPS, anything that involved a lot of killing was quite slow. For classic I would not recommend a warrior + healer duo unless you're dedicating yourself to a lot of instancing and picking up DPS to pug.

    Duo picks I'd put as top tier, would be, any combination of, Hunter, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage, and maybe rogue (rogues start off slow, and then become absurdly fast as they start to round out their abilities and talent points in an ambush build). To be fair, I never played my shaman as elemental, I was using a 2h'r and windfury to help my warrior bro get the most out of his abilities, and elemental shamans were objectively better DPS back then.

    Duo shadowpriests can do things like, just run dotting everything and psychic screaming whenever the mobs pile up too much. Can do what are essentially enormous AOE pulls like this, even though you're not really using any AOE abilities.

    (edit) Disregard what I said about warriors, I was under the assumption classic was going to be an early version of vanilla, not august 2006. I have no clue about the state of warriors in that patch, though my suspicion is that they are strong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercbeast View Post
    At launch me and a buddy did Shaman/Warrior. Keep in mind that I was the 2nd shaman to hit the cap world wide, and he was like the third or fourth warrior world wide to cap.
    This seems to be a contradictory statement. If you were both top 5 in your respective classes worldwide to hit the level cap as a duo I don't understand how it could have been a terrible combination.

    Warriors are killing machines that can grind through a ton of mobs non stop as well as tanking elites and dungeons in any spec. The only limiting factor is their HP, which having a class that can throw a heal every now and then, as well as provide useful buffs and DPS of their own will counteract. The more damage you take, the faster you can spam cleave and whirlwind. You don't want to go elemental on the shaman because you need your mana to top the warrior up. OOMing yourself every second mob casting lightning bolt defeats the purpose.

    Anyway, when I refer to top tier leveling picks I don't really care about leveling speed. I'm talking about complimentary buffs, efficiency, the ability to do elite quests and dungeons easily and so on. Rushing to 60 is wasting the classic experience IMO. Though I think a warrior and paladin/shaman are still a lot faster than shadow priests or rogues. I don't see a reason to duo with warlocks, mages or hunters. They level faster solo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuriousFromage View Post
    I'm planning on dualboxing warrior-mage and have been practicing some rotations. I think that the kargoz videos are just scratching the surface and that it will require actual testing/practice to figure out which combinations are a) optimal and b) fit your playstyle.

    With warrior-mage I find I don't really need a healer. Mobs die pretty quickly and hamstring+Frost Nova kiting and aggro volleying results in taking much less damage. I've been working on mostly single Target rotations and find that to get the most out of warrior-mage you need independent movement controls on both toons. Being able to pull while the other character is drinking/eating is important. I have some recordings if anyone is planning on running a similar setup and is interested in some techniques I've identified.

    I was thinking about doing a rogue + caster but I'm sure I'd run into challenges. I'd like to see what you got and compare

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