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    So I took some years off..and have spent the last months catching up on Draenor and Legion, which had me in open world situations.

    Now, I'm turning towards dungeons, and... and chasing the sparkles.

    What loot method would make it the easiest to loot? I can't use a loot-a-rang.

    Right now, it seems like each clone has its own chance to see something sparkling, which is harder to manage.

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    Doing my best to get motivated for the WoW Headless Horseman mount hunt of 2013... so far failing. and now in 2018, let's see about those HH mounts! [Edit: Actually got an HH mount in 2018... on separate account 6. One to go!]

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    If you are running a all hunter team, you basically have a built in looterang (the pet runs to the corpse and loots):

    "This book is usable at level 40, and the Fetch command can really help speed up leveling. Once you hit 40, get a friend with a 2-seater flying mount to give you a lift to Nesingwary Base Camp in Sholazar Basin and you can get this book, along with Play Dead (so you can get out of combat fast if you get overwhelmed) and Chameleon (great for PvP)".

    (Enable advanced / fast looting)


    (+ the EMA addon, link to curse further above. Enable advanced
    / fast looting).
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    I also use Fetch, ts not as fast as the Loot-a-rang but just as convenient and frees up a profession slot. The EMA addon for fast looting is necessary as well.

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