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    Default How are People 5-Boxing in BFA Without Their Computers Melting?

    I 5-boxed in Legion without issue and did some 3-boxing at the start of BFA, but when I came back recently, I can't even comfortable dual box. At best I can get some like 20-30 fps in my main window in cities and not much more out in the world.

    What sort of rigs is everyone running to 5-box now? Any tips to boost FPS through ISBoxer?

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    Mostly the same ones we used in Legion.
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    To add to what Ugh said, and to answer your other question:
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    After a lot of playing around with the settings, it seemed to have something to do with CPU setting in Isoboxer.

    I had set main window to 70 fps and for some reason it was dropping my fps like crazy. When I reset it to the default of 60 I could play again no problem.

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