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    Default Your computer specs ?


    I would like to know your computer specs for multiboxing, to get an idea of ​​what we need to play in good conditions.


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    mine are not useful as my pc is over 7 years old:

    core i7 980x
    16gb memory
    Asus Rampage 3 motherboard
    Geforce GTX1060 display card
    Boxing x5

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    i7-4790K @4GHz
    32GB RAM
    GTX 1070

    I 5 box with good settings and very few problems. Its just about all I can do though, anything more needs a better computer. I have to go through all the video settings every patch to try and milk a few more fps out of it.

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    Core i7-6700K 4GHz (not overclocked)
    32GB 2600MHz
    MSI Z170A Gaming 7
    EVGA 980Ti 6GB
    Samsung 256GB 840 Pro SSDs in RAID 0
    5 clients at DX11 - 1080p, main at graphics setting 7 @ 60fps, rest at potato @ 16fps via slot-swap macro

    My FPS drop down to about ~40-50fps on the main in BfA zones that are high population, like the pyramid area in Zul'aman (Terrace of the Chosen?) or Orgrimmar during prime-time.

    * Note I haven't been subbed since the introduction of the graphics reset the other day, but I presume if I make sure they're running the new DX11 Legacy setting, they'd behave the same as they did.
    Now playing: WoW (Garona)

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    2/3 years old PC :

    I7 6700K
    32gb RAM
    GTX 1060

    Boxing 8 accounts
    30 fps main, 9 slaves - Slot swap with renderscale 0.1 on slaves.
    Video settings 5 on main 1 on slaves.

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    Mine is:

    i7-7700K 4.2GHz Kaby Lake
    RX 480 8192MB GDDR5,
    32gig ram

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    Mine is:

    i7-4960x 3.6GHZ
    GTX 780 Ti x 3 SLI
    64 Gb Ram

    I have issues in high population areas with freezing or low fps. With SLI off it runs smoother but GPU is about maxed.

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    i9-7920X @4,4GHz
    11GB RTX 2080ti
    1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD
    64GB RAM

    About 60 fps on main in boralus with 5-man team. Graphic settings main on 7, slaves on low with 30 fps

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoW06 View Post

    I would like to know your computer specs for multiboxing, to get an idea of ​​what we need to play in good conditions.

    You need to define "good".
    What is good enough for you?

    What is good for someone, you may think/feel play like garbage.

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    Thanks for your answers guys.
    My goal is to 10 box, so i want to have an idea what i need for my PC.

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