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Thread: 8-Box Leveling

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    Talking 8-Box Leveling

    Hey all!

    My current plan is to level an 8-man team of each class to 120 in groups of 4.
    I guess straight leveling would be the fastest way to do it, but i am not sure.

    Can someone who have done similar give me some tips for it?
    Maybe the most efficient order of zones to quest in or something like that.

    And another little question: Is there like an active WoW community for multiboxers?
    I'm kinda lonely!

    Hope you have a good day

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    If you bought BFA on each, you have a instant lvl 110 already, then either:

    A: just level normally and enjoy the content (if you want flying later on, you need to do this, complete the story etc).

    B: Buy a levelling boost for gold through the freehold dungeon. You most likly see people advert this in tradechat all the time.

    Im not active in any community at the moment.
    Maybe someone else knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atsu View Post
    My current plan is to level an 8-man team of each class to 120 in groups of 4.
    Is that a single team of 8 one of each class, or a team of 8 for each class?

    In any case, I suggest questing as you'll get 100% of the possible quest transmogs available and wont have to run through that zone ever again.

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    depends on what will you be doing endgame, if you plan on doing current content with ALL characters, meaning grinding everyday and keeping up with questlines, world quests, etc. then level them as two 4 man groups. and then play them as two 4 man groups on end game. (will greatly help with learning how to play as a split group, and have a ready to play setup once you max)

    if you want to just run old content with the full raid and 5man current content; then level them as a main group of 5man, and the other group as 3dps, you can smash old dungeons on the lfd tool, and then switch to islands for the last stretch. once you max just forget about them, you use them for the extra slots anyway.

    quest leveling IS the best way of leveling an 8man group, but only if its a mixed group and you plan ahead what you want to unlock.

    im currently leveling a big group with leather/cloth/mail/plate mix. i do that not only to unlock everything, but also to fill the stupid class requirement for the 8th guild tab.

    its extremely efficient, and knowing i don't have to ever go back to old zones is pretty satisfying.
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    Yeah i mean like leveling a team of 8 Shamans and after that 8 deathknight etc.

    I do it for mounts like the big love rocket etc. and Pandaria world boss mounts

    So i guess i will just straight up level them in 2 groups of 4 with questing! Although the collecting quests in classic really hitting hard

    Thank you for the replies!

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