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    Default Connection Lost : HotkeyNet Multiboxing Everquest


    Has anyone had the issue where they get disconnected from game when running Hotkeynet. I am running some simple commands to two other systems from the main system. All 3 of my game clients get disconnected at the same time and seems to be random but doesn't take long. I am almost thinking my router is doing something funky. Any advice on what to troubleshoot would be awesome.


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    If you're trying to multibox on a TrueBox server, then you're likely getting disconnected because you're using software. Otherwise, due to my unfamiliarity with EQ, I couldn't say.
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    It is a truebox however its separate systems. And I just did some more testing and I can't recreate the issue just sending commands to one other system. Going to do some more testing and see what happens.

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