Hey Guys, i hope someone of you is familliar with this problem

I want to send the F1 Key to several windows at once. So the key passthrough allows me to make an action on the active window...everything is fine. However the sendwinM or MF, s, SF functions do all not work at all. Even when i dont adress a game but a normal folder nothing happens. What is really irritating me is the fact that the "Actions on this PC" window shows me the following

From this pc: <SendWinMF Client><Key F1>
<SendWinMF Client> completed: Window found. Target set to 0x2083C "Client"
<Key F1> completed

I named the window client. So when i use sendwin it works fine, brings the window in foreground and presses F1. If i use any of the background functions the program tells me that it pressed F1 on that window...but nothing happend. And i tried all the delay options and whatever. To me it seems that the program has no persmission to send sth to a background task. How can i fix this? have you any ideas?