Just a log of what I've what I have been doing with my 5 Druids in BFA dungeons. All Guardian spec, ilvl's are 3 @ 375, and 2 @ 330. They are setup in Resto Affinity, and are all self sufficient, meaning they heal themselves pretty much. I am positive this isn't very ideal, but for a beginner that uses Hotkeynet, the setup fits my skill level. Regular dungeons are a breeze even though damage output is low. Heroic's are alot harder, with one or two deaths in certain boss fights, but still manageable. The last boss Goruk in Waycrest gives me trouble, as I don't have the damage to down him. It's hard to see who picks up the bottle, since all of my toons are melee. I need alot more practice on him, for sure. My best pull is when I nuked him down, ignoring mechanics and got him to about 15%. After about a minute I am overwhelmed by adds and health across all characters disappears. On mythic, I have only tried Waycrest, and downed Raal (green pig dude) easy doing the cheese method (stack by the wooded debris on his left and attack). Soul Goliath guy, was easy as well. I just tanked all his damage on my main, with 4 Rejuves, and 4 Regrowths on me at all times. I tanked him right where he spawns and only my main tank took damage. The Heartsbane Coven totally wrecked me on this difficulty. On heroic and normal they seemed to be the easiest boss of the dungeon, but on mythic I can't even make it to the 2nd swap. The Mind Control is something I have to get used to.
Anyway this is here for anyone's interest, as there isn't really any info on a beginner comp such as this one. Feedback is appreciated, and I will update as I get better and gear up.