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    Default Patch 8.1.5 DirectX

    As of patch 8.1.5, there is now a new version of DirectX 11 available in the game client: Legacy.

    In some brief testing, DX11 now performs sub-par for me, while DX12 and DX11 Legacy (DX11L) perform fine.

    I just wanted to point this out to everyone in case you're experiencing issues, but in the case of ISBoxer users, you may be forcing DX11 through the Game Profile attached to your Characters. If you are, then you are using a version of DX11 that may now perform poorly for you, as it does for me (both with and without Inner Space).

    So, ISBoxer users will want to update Inner Space to build 6423+ by simply restarting the program and clicking "patch these files," as well as update ISBoxer to build 42.10.0321.1 through the Help > About menu.

    Other than that, you'll probably want to make sure you're using DX11 Legacy, either through the in-game setting, or through the new Game Profile which should now be available if you updated both programs.

    Also, if you were/are using DX12, then nothing has changed.

    Also, this patch, like others, has reset your video settings, and so, assuming your hardware is capable, your game clients are defaulting to DX12 (including W7 users), which means you may also experience poor performance due to VRAM limitation.

    Finally, if you're experiencing further issues, then please take a look on the Blizzard forums, because, more than likely, it's already been asked, seeing as there has been a flood of users with issues since the servers came up.

    EDIT1: Working parameter found; instructions added.
    EDIT2: Inner Space updated.
    EDIT3: Further clarification.
    EDIT4: Another update because Lax keeps changing things.
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