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    More of my own thoughts later in the expansion:

    Healer and tank should compliment each other.

    RSHM + Brew is excellent as RSHM brings a lot of utility, Brew brings the gap fillers such as a poison/disease dispel and a lot of mobility / stagger mechanic to smooth out healing.

    MW + BDK would also be good because this is the inverse. BDK brings tons of utility and MW brings mobility and the big tank cooldown.

    PROTW + RDRU will always be a good option.

    I don't know PROTP so well but I imagine the best healer for PROTP is MW.

    HPAL would probably want a tank that brings some mobility and big defensives and some utility so that sounds like PROTW.

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    I moved to resto shaman(thanks Ellay). I have tried all a little bit, none at the gear level my team is now (440ish). I find the shaman awesome. With riptide ( and the traits that make it better),healing rain/chain heal ).. fast cast surge combined with 3 spirit beasts heals and a paly tank that almost never needs a heal in normal content ( heals him self with HoP.). I have not played the monk much.. i want to try it eventually, but i have a hard to keeping up with more than one team right now.. too much content!
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    The information is a bit skewed in favor of Resto Druid / Holy Paladin and it's not apples to apples but this gives you a high level overview of what works for comps based off everyones logs.

    Your able to sort by Tank / Healer and see how they all perform - what % the keys are successful... and yikes. After looking at the information the Prot Paladin is the worst matchup for a Resto Shaman. (maybe I need to rethink my comp?)
    .. looking further the Mistweaver Monk is the best healer for a Prot Paladin. (Based off of successful keys).


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