Hey, guys.

Just ran in to this randomly and been fiddling around with it and it seems like fun little solution for adding easily recognizable utility buttons to a multiboxing setup.


What is it?

You know those $100 physical stream decks that let you create touch buttons with customizable icons for controlling things on your PC? Same thing, but just in free* software form. You just use your existing tablet or phone.

* the free version limited but not too bad

The free version is limited to a 2x4 grid (still more than for example the stream deck mini) of buttons with 2 pages. The pro version has a much larger grid available
We currently only support 4×2 in the free version. The full version has all grids you like with a max of 13 buttons up and down and with a maximum total of 110 buttons. This way you can tailor your grid to your device in the way you want!

What does it cost?
Either free for the limited version or 10€ for the full version, which in comparison to buying a stream deck for 10-15x the price to do the exact same thing is not a bad deal at all...

Since I have crappy tablet that the wife bought that isn't being used at all I'm considering trying out the full version.