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    Default Is it possible to run multiple dungeons simultaneously?

    I wanted to run 5-10 same dungeons simultaneously on different toons. (Old world content)
    Obviously the problem with this is that they wouldn't be on follow any more and therefore having them move the same path would be hard.
    I tried running some but they almost instantly start moving differently from one another that I often have to stop and try to readjust their paths.

    So my question is: Is there s way to make them all move on the same path simultaneously?


    Also, multiboxing is so much fun. Been doing it since start of BFA. 🙂

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    You need to use characters with excact same walking/run speed.

    Use this addon to figure out each character exact speed: (Blizzard have hidden this stat, so you need the addon to get the numbers back)

    Then simply enter the raid/5man, disable you broadcast profile and choose to broadcast all, inkl your mouse.

    To attack mobs and bosses along the way, use this simple macro and have it keybinded, it will allow the characters to attack whatever is in front of them.

    /targetenemy [noharm]
    /cast nameofinstantspellwithadamageovertimeeffect, if possible.


    /targetenemy [noharm]
    /castsequence nameofinstantsspell, spellname, spellname etc etc

    If your latency is decent, you wont need to move/adjust so much.

    After awhile u will get pretty good at it, i usually mainly use the arrow keys to move them forward, strafe left, right etc, then spam the dps button to kill anything in the way. If you do old content, the trashmobs gets "oneshotted" usually.

    This movement tactic also works nicely for garrisons (if you have buildings at the same spot) and class order halls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azzbringer View Post
    So my question is: Is there s way to make them all move on the same path simultaneously?
    Not without using hacks that would get you banned, and is not something we condone.

    WOWBOX40 outlined an approach.

    Probably missing some extra detail such as using a SetView macro to set all toons to the same positional camera views, making sure your FPS is the same on all windows, frequent readjusting of your bearing because all toons are probably not going to end up facing the exact same direction, frustration of knockbacks/stuns/and mobs that have some randomisation to their movement. Beyond all that, it is doable as people have done it. It's just not a walk in the park, and you are effectively controlling multiple windows independently, even if you do happen to be sending the same commands to them all.

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    ah yes i forgot about that.

    I use shift + i = save view 1 (saves the view you want, from behind the character).

    Then press shift + 0 = set view 1 (it changes to the view you saved, handy for when you enter the raid/dungeon/garrison entrance, if need be or whenever).

    You can do this thru the ingame keybinds.

    When i press the "/follow me button" (key press down), it also presses shift + 0 on all the slaves, so they can view from behind.
    Its just a added step in isboxer (when key is released).
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    Also, it depends on how old you're talking. I used to run my 5x melee team into 5x different raid instances and then spam <tab> <iwt> <dps> until everything was dead.... lol
    Multiboxing since WoW:BC - MY YOUTUBE!

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