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    Default Anyone having much success with 5x Tanks in M+?

    Is anyone having much luck with 5pal/5dk comps? If not what are some popular M+ compositions considering BM hunter's aren't in a great spot in 8.1?

    I have 5 boosts available and don't want to screw up the class comp choice.

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    I haven't tried, but I am levelling prot pally, holy pally and x3 ret.. I think 5 tanks would be amazing on trash but too slow on bosses.

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    i do some bosses as 5 tanks (monks) but the tank dps is terrible

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    Both possible low level affixes are the key killers for tanks. They raise the health of either the boss or the trash, not good for a low dps team.

    That being said, any composition seems to be able to do about the same. I have had no trouble doing +3s with all tanks, all melee dps, all hunters, trinity, heal+4 dps, etc. I have tried a lot.

    In summary, I think you will regret something no matter what you try, but anything you choose is going to get you just as far.

    Have fun!!

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