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    Default [Classic] End-game boxing?

    What do you think are doable multiboxer challenges in the end game of classic/vanilla?

    Personally I'm looking forward to 5-man instances, but when I'm done gearing, I'll be looking for additional challenges.

    At that point I can change my course at look towards raiding with my main or joining with some other multiboxers to raid ZG and MC. The latter might be a big challenge, due to the amount of players needed, but working at raiding ZG could be a fun challenge. Two boxers doing UBRS should be fun as well.

    What are you goals for the end game?
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    At the start, I'm going to box 5, That be my Max in classic, 5 Orc Warlocks- Feel the game, see what's up. Get professions at the start, and spread them out across the teams, first guy will run with herb/mining, second one with skin/leather, enchanting/tailor, etc...etc

    I've been thinking to start a mix team for sure, All undead on horde side, Warrior,Warlock,Hunter,Mage,Priest---
    We have to run to the dungeons anyways, no dungeon finder so i may just stick with 5 warlocks and use void walkers to hold the agroo.

    As far end game, that's a hard one, I'm sure I'll be grinding AV ones i hit 60 to get that rank gear~ that's my goal- (If they allow to boxers in bg's and follow is enabled.) Teaming up with other boxers to do the dungeons, that be fun for sure.
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    Can Warlocks pets tank for a good period of time in dungeons?

    Lets say AOE pulls that sometimes happen in trash? can they survive long enough?

    What about hunter pets where they tanky enough to have 5 and get them to tank it all

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinarofl View Post
    Can Warlocks pets tank for a good period of time in dungeons?

    Lets say AOE pulls that sometimes happen in trash? can they survive long enough?

    What about hunter pets where they tanky enough to have 5 and get them to tank it all
    Survive, yes. Survive *and* hold aggro off you while you AoE fast enough to kill them before they kill the pet and you? Not so much. Aggro was one of the biggest issues I recall from Ye Olden Days. Warlocks don't get Soulshatter (90% thread reduction) until 66, so that's out in classic. At least hunters get Feign Death, but the only AoE pet I remember being worthwhile from a threat perspective were the gorillas with Thunderstomp, and even that was iffy if you lit off a big AoE burst. What I used to do for most (non-trivial) pack pulls back then was assign a separate pet to up to 5 mobs and then have them go stick to that specific target, which was usually enough to keep them off the hunters. That said, it violates the "boot, don't splatter" principle of massed fire, so while it works, it has a much sharper delineation between "whew, did it!" and "wipe...again." Worth noting as well that back then, the *only* rez hunters had was the swiss army knife/jumper cables thingy from engineering, and that was on a 30-minute cooldown AND THEY BROKE WHEN THEY FAILED. /wrists In 8.x, I think my engineer hunter has 3 and the others have 2 methods that are 100% chance and 10-15 minute cooldowns. We're so spoiled...
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    So hunter pets wont get 2 shot by dungeon bosses back in vanilla,

    You could essentially clear dungeons with 5 hunters?

    Just trash will be slower since you cant just AOE like crazy because of Threat?

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    With 3/3 improved voidwalker your pets will hold agro fine but can only hold one mob each. When pulling groups of 6+ mobs you have to be selective mobs ones you want your pets holding. Particularly ones that do heavy melee damage, stun, etc. Casters or non-elite mobs you can generally ignore since they don't do a lot of damage and will die in seconds to 4 hellfires.

    Pull usually goes something like:
    • Mark targets, send pets in to pull.
    • Put pets on passive and pull them back around a corner to stack and avoid adds if necessary.
    • Give pets a few seconds to get cast a couple of torments.
    • Spam hellfire.

    On single target fights you literally just send pets in, curse then spam shadowbolt (or wand, if you're low level.)

    After the fight, a few lifetaps and a prayer of healing or two and your warlocks and their pets are full hp/mana. Your clear speed is only limited by your priests mana regen and you really only have to buy water for the priest.

    Hunter pets are more survivable and actually have decent AE threat generation if you tame an owl and teach it max rank screech. However, hunters have lower DPS than warlocks and limited AE DPS. Volley has a 60 second CD, multi-shot has a 10 second CD and only hits 3 targets. Hunters also have to deal with the deadzone and mana issues.
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