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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    Still don't believe someone "can" press the same button 8 hours none stop watching Netflix or whatever they say i used to do it an hour before my hand was dead..

    Just sayin....

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    If you have hunters or warlocks... any mob nearby that attacks you or the pet, your pet can automatically attack and kill it. You only casually have to press the dps button and make sure you loot atleast once every 2 minutes. After some practice you can easily do this for many hours. Whenever you do need a break, you can do so whenever, as the pet will kill any mob, so you wont ever die. Assuming you are in such a farming location.

    It took me a couple months of farming to train up my finger/arm pressing stamina. You will figure out your own limit pretty quick.. need 15 min break now... 30 min now... etc

    Im still getting "bot checked" regurarly, could be after 5 min, every 20 to 30 min, 45, 60 min mark etc. Random games getting disconnected.

    On my best spot, i got groups of 4 in each spread out in a area that spans across 250 yards. If i go all out, 28 mobs respawn every 4 seconds. You do need over 20 characters to make them respawn this fast though. Takes almost 5 minutes to make them do this. Boe's and mounts got nerfed across the board awhile back sadly. Much lower droprate. I do get these items fairly often, considering, but thats due to having a large amount of characters. They still drop normal amounts of gold, cloth and greens though. Worked since november 2018, this spot, and a few more i know about.

    Talk about coincidense: my main character just got teleported around 50 yards facing a different direction (with no mobs in sight). I went back to my original spot and got ported again after a short time. Three times. No sign of any lag issues. Proper instant teleports. Typed in /s to say im actually here. Spotting a alliance player at max view range, seems he is running around rapporting every single character for cheating/botting. That could certainly be the reason of the sudden teleport checks happening.
    None of my other characters have gotten teleported. All peace and quiet since.
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    Soooo... Can anyone post some spots they'd like to share?

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    Quote Originally Posted by briarknit View Post
    Soooo... Can anyone post some spots they'd like to share?
    There's a reason why such areas are becoming increasingly difficult to find these days: It's because the few that still remain are kept a secret by those who use them, and the moment they broadcast that information there will be 50 new YouTube videos popularizing the spot, causing it to be nerfed into the ground.
    Do not send me a PM if what you want to talk about isn't absolutely private.
    Ask your questions on the forum where others can also benefit from the information.

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    Just want to say I appreciated your "GOTO 10" ;-)
    Doing my best to get motivated for the WoW Headless Horseman mount hunt of 2013... so far failing. and now in 2018, let's see about those HH mounts! [Edit: Actually got an HH mount in 2018... on separate account 6. One to go!]

    I multibox because I have no time, have a life, have a job and[/or] money and have little patience for drama and temper tantrums. -- heffner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lax View Post
    None, that's not what multiboxing is about and people get banned for stupid-farming.
    Multi-boxing is whatever you (the user) makes of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by coupdog View Post
    Hey everyone ive been away for a few months and wanna get back into gold farming with my 5 hunters.
    Does anyone know any hyper spawn areas that are still viable?
    I used to use the spot in vigil hill but thats been nerfed , so if anyone knows any areas can you let me know before i resub and
    cant find any
    Quite a few of the BFA spots are still working. Someone else mentioned just use the LFG tool to find some premade 2x4 farms-- then just move in with your own characters later I suppose.

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    Well Corlain Aviary by the falconers was nice, but by the time I started boxing it has been nerfed. That was probably the best spot in the whole game. I did notice a hyperspawn spot at the Tiragarde side of Anglepoint Wharf. In between the building and the ship, right where the bugged seagull is. They are those little mind flayers, so I don't know if they drop anything useful, but they spawn instantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coupdog View Post
    sad times .. are there literally no more area's we can farm ? i know ridosaw stopped playing cos of it and its a reason i stopped as they were nerfing everything .

    When you play with a large amount of characters, you will soon find out that, it doesnt matter where you are, as soon as you are killing the mobs in a area, that are "linked", it will trigger a faster respawn, as the game thinks that there are a lot of players killing the mobs, and in order to give players tags, it starts to respawn them faster. This is true for all zones in the game, from classic to bfa.

    By linked, i mean: f.ex a area has 16 mobs, when those 16 are dead, it starts to respawn those 16 back to life, slowly but surely. The faster those 16 dies, the faster they will respawn. That is, if the spot hasnt been fixed/nerfed.

    So you can literarly ride/fly around from one area to another, if you find mobs that suits you, spread out and start killing, give it 10 minutes, if it doesnt start to respawn quickly (enough for your liking), then move over the next hill and try there. The next possible spot is usually around 300 yards "over there".

    It really is that simple.

    If you only play with 4-5, unless very lucky, you will have to do some moving around in order to kill enough / trigger the faster respawns. Or you could ofcourse join forces with a random group of 4, so everyone get it a bit easier.

    Personally im too lazy to do any moving around when i farm, and i dont want to rely on strangers. So i need a completely stationary farmspot, so i can casually press the buttons while reading books for uni etc. But the downside is i need a large amount of characters to achieve this. Its not cheap.

    I believe Ridosaw started early and reaped all the rewards in bfa, remember the prices for everything was insane and also for the boe drops (and mounts). Now these boe drops mean you can get crafted 340 ilvl items for a couple k gold nowadays. He most likely got everything he wanted, mount(s) and goldwise, and since 9/10 public spots got nerfed, it made sense to take a break, i know i would, if i was him.

    Im doing a lot more than just farming some spots, so thats why im still having "fun". If i was solely relying on my stationary spots though, it would have been with a sour taste as the profits are small compared to last year.

    Looking forward to the upcoming patch later, with the new landmasses... new lands.. new mobs and posssible loots to be had.
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