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    Default Stuck in PvP without ever fighting

    Ran into this today. There was a Horde shammy questing near my team. Never engaged them, they stayed away. But at one point my slaves somehow were flagged for PvP and then it wouldn't go away. Ending up having to turn of War Mode just to keep questing. Anyone else run into this problem?
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    Does any of your team have a pet out? Those seem really buggy being flagged in and out of pvp combat. Hunters, warlocks, mages maybe even.

    If you're using EMA or similar addon there may be an option to flag all team as one for PvP. Pretty sure EMA has it. That might be causing everyone to go PvP when one hunter with a pet flags you.

    I have never had it get stuck though.

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    I have two hunters, a warrior tank, druid healer, and an arcane mage, all with War Mode on for the extra XP. I am using EMA and they are set to flag for War Mode with the team. Not sure that would do anything. The Horde shaman was barely even in visual range. It's really weird because this is far from the first time I've been questing around hordies. Running them without War Mode now. I'll probably try again tomorrow and see if the same problem comes up.
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    I ran in to this plenty as well. Even had it happen when there really seems to be no one from the opposing faction around. E.g. I've gotten flagged for PVP combat just walking around in the horde capital. No idea what causes it, but as JG suggested, I also found that pet classes have it happen more often.

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    I want to rant so much on the PvP /follow change they made, it really messes up a lot.
    With Hunters you'll need to dismiss your pet to get out of it. I have been stuck in pvp combat for literal minutes before with the pets out, as soon as I dismissed it went away.
    The shaman could of had a totem out that flagged you and then it just perpetually kept you in combat somehow.

    A big boon lately has been the Hivemind mount, once combat is over - you can all jump on the mount and not have to worry about follow till your next destination.
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    The tagged for "pvp" uses the old system they used for changing hp in wod, talents in legion, now follow in bfa it was brokem from wod days where u have talents not have them your hp go up down like a yoyo. Ya fun times there no "api" for this system but i do find changing chars can work!

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    Oh I thought war mode auto flagged you for pvp.. have never used it myself.

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    Is anyone else getting huge delays without being able to follow after successfully killing someone?

    For instance i will murder someone in wPvP but follow will only sporadically work for the next 15 seconds after dropping combat (no dots on me etc).

    It really seems kind of broken at the moment.

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    It has been like that since they made the change at the end of legion. It's been rough. I knew it was coming, so I spent 2 hours~ the day before the patch and just enjoyed world pvp while I could.
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