Team 1:
Demon Hunter / 4x Boomkin

  • 4 DPS, it's good dps when you can stand still.
  • Heals are super strong because it's x4.
  • Treants for Mythic + are insane, and you have 4 of them every minute. It's basically a free tank that you don't need to heal on trash.
  • It's an all leather combo, easy gear share.
  • The passive heal from the druids resto affinity is enough to keep your tank topped off expect on heavy damage fights.
  • 4x Wild Growth is very potent to group heal and then focus back on damage.
  • 5% magic damage bonus from DH.

  • DH is not my favorite tank of the bunch, it feels very squishy at times, and is meant as somewhat of a kiting class to avoid damage which boxing is not the most feasible.
  • DH also has a jump ability Infernal Strike, which is a pretty significant amount of damage so I have it bound to cast on self - which is annoying because it'll go off when I don't want it to and it makes it feel somewhat clunky. I'm wondering if I drop the flame crash talent and use this strictly for mobility if that will improve my perception of it.
  • Druids as DPS have two issues, mobility and front loaded damage.
  • Their mobility damage is horrid as moonfire and sunfire especially after 8.1 azerite changes are just dots without any real front hitting damage. So anytime you need to move for mechanics dps dips hard.
  • It also takes time for your damage to ramp up and be respectable, making some low hp trash an annoyance to clear when other teams don't have this issue.
  • Healing stops dps in its tracks as well, furthermrore if the heal you used is not a regrowth it takes you out of moonkin form, costing you essentially 2 globals hurting dps even more.

Team 2:
Death Knight / 3x BM Hunter / Mistweaver Monk

  • Extremely well rounded team.
  • The DK has great self heals, the druid spirit pets also have a strong heals that you can round robin so the hot will typically always be up.
  • Misdirect round robin makes the tank always have aggro no matter what.
  • BM Hunter damage is mobile, no issues with movement mechanics and that dip in performance. It's also front loaded, you feel it instantly and it takes out targets quick, anything that lives past 20 seconds though you see the dip in performance.
  • Mistweaver monk has great passive healing with renewing mists and essence font, single target is also strong.

  • DK has faster run speed than the rest, making travel annoying if leading by the tank. I'm thinking the hivemind mount is something I should work on and that will take care of this concern.
  • BM Hunter damage is bottom of the barrel in 8.1 - it's still good but it's on the low tier at the moment.
  • Monk heals while good, is not as powerful as 4 characters all focus healing at the same time, so it feels weaker than 4 boomkin, but still potent.
  • DH seems to be higher dps than DK, and 4 dps is more than 3 dps, so things get taken out quicker with the previous team.
  • Gear share is more difficult with this team, transmog hunting though is very beneficial if you going for anything older than legion.

I've done time trials to attempt to fairly compare the teams and it's overall about the same, trash seems to die faster with the dk/hunter combo while bosses go down faster on the druid - unless it's a movement heavy fight.
I tried a DK + 4 boomkin as well, but the whole benefit of the DH is the 5% magic damage bonus, it's a lot of dps to lose.

Both teams are strong in their own regard but I'd like to stick with one and make that my "team". ends up happening is I'm on one of them and get frustrated with the lack of "x" and swap, only to swap back.