Hi all,

Started multi-boxing after deciding to get into it with the holiday sale of BFA. Always played a hunter and I figured, in theory, I could do Mythic+ runs with 5 of them. I hadn't done anything Mythic+ prior to this and wasn't even running dungeons at all so it's been a learning process.

I am trying to do weekly videos. My first was at the end of Season 1 and have a couple from Season 2 posted as I progress.

Raider IO guild profile for my crew

Youtube Chan here

My top 4 favorite so far that I can do on time are Motherlode, Freehold, Tol Dagor and Waycrest Manor.
Middle 3 that I can do, but slowly, are Temple of Sethrallis, Kings Rest, Shrine of the storm (lack of checkpoints makes me sad)
Bottom 3 that I just don't want to touch for this comp are Underrott (last boss really), Atal'dazar (the totem guy is tricky), and Siege (last boss issues)