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    Default 10box on this setup possible?

    I'm running 5 right now on this setup, and was wondering if it's possible to push more, up to 10, or what I would need to upgrade for it to be possible?

    I'm running 5 on all lows settings, low resolutions and minimum render scales. 20fps on main and 10fps on the others.

    i5 2500
    16gb Ram
    RX 580

    I get about ~50-60 cpu usage when running around gathering and 11gb/16gb of ram usage.
    When I was running 30 fps on the main and 20 on all of the extra boxes, I was getting some freezes that would last a second and would happen every 10-15 seconds or so so I downgraded the FPS even more.

    Would it be possible to squeeze 10 boxes on this setup or what should I upgrade to be able to run 10 on similar settings?
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    You can create another account and add 5 starter accounts, try out 10 boxing up to level 20 see how it goes. Be sure to watch MaRai's 8.1 performance video as well.

    As for your setup, you'll have to wait for a reply from someone knowledgeable about the hardware to give advice. I did some Google searching and your CPU scores pretty low compared to the most popular CPUs.

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