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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazybox View Post
    I hope that one would be willing to check it out and guide me, why it is my "2" key combination works but my "3" key combination doesnt? my "3" key wont assist as i do on my "2" key - inspite its setup is the same.
    They are not set up the same: "DPS Rotation" is set up to use "Assist Me -assign," while "AOE DPS Rotation" is set up to use "Assist Me (Assign)."

    One of those two Mapped Keys does not exist in your current profile.

    Also, you still have "1" bound to multiple "Pull" Mapped Keys throughout numerous Key Maps, and you have IWT assigned in the class-specific Key Maps. Blanket functions, such as assist or interact, should normally be set on the top-level Mapped Key (e.g. "Combat Hotkeys"), and I'm not sure they're even functioning properly where you currently have them set up.
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