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    Hi Guys/Girls/Aliens

    So I have been reading these forums for a long time and I wanted create a kind of blog where people can follow my progress in this expansion or for however long I decide to multi box

    Hopefully this will help people in deciding what they want to do and maybe the issues i face and fix will be help others, my apologies in my spelling and grammar as English is not my first language you have to bear with me

    I will post my daily Blog in this thread and keep updating it with new posts it will mainly be about things I did and issues I faced and problems and decisions i needed to make.

    Day 1 - The beginning and the questions
    what class to roll????? that was what was plaguing me all these days trying to figure out what on earth I want to play, I knew that 5 x DK team was strong self-healers and had the ability to tank high keys BUT without a healer was the self-heals enough for the tank to survive damage? I didn’t think so.
    After a long careful deliberation and asking my wife (who told me I am a child lol) I decided that I will go with 5 Prot Pallies with 1 gearing up as holy. Now some might be thinking why? Well I thought of the following:


    • Shield Tanks OP right now
    • The Interrupts on them are going to be insane and with many Mythic+ dungeons trash requiring interrupts to avoid massive damage I can avoid that
    • The AOE damage should be really good with many Shields and consecrates popping off
    • The chain pulling with certain traits will be good to speed up time
    • Justcar Trait I think is the name would be optimal here since judgement is critical in my rotation


    • The inability to do insane single target damage to kill bosses quickly
    • All Melee can cause some issues with certain skills on certain bosses
    • No Diversity could get bored quickly lol

    Based on my playstyle, what I love and the above advantages I chose to go with 5 pallies, So I setup my isBoxer and I can tell you what setting it up is not that hard, very quick and easy payments went through L sad to see so much money go to something I love but it is what it is

    I used the install wizard and everything went smooth, but I ran into some issues as an all melee comp which others might have solved by now, the key issue is when I go into combat initially because they are following my master character the slaves correctly position themselves BUT if there are more than 1 mob and its further than the original mob then the paladins would sit there doing nothing until I hit IWT (interact with target), I realised this when doing Underrot normal and completing it, BUT I couldn’t fix it properly.

    I think the solution will be to bind my IwT to keys I press normally like judgement and get them to IwT while in normal rotation. How did I go in underrot you ask? Well I smashed it with 5 prot pallies, never had any issues getting topped up, I went crazy on the pulls and it ran smooth as a new borns baby’s butt.

    Underrot Normal Attempt

    First Boss – Very Very Simple tank him in a corner hold your master characters Crusader shield, once the new add spawn shield him to interrupt and bring him in, AOE him down and when Creeping ROT I think its called happens run to the other side of the room and rinse and repeat the fight.

    Second Boss – Tank it against the wall forget about running over adds as you are a PROT pally you will destroy them, stack the entire group and tank the regurgitate strike with CD’s on all characters(shield of righteousness )

    Third Boss – Once again tank and spank don’t bother with mechanics – you will have enough DPS to burn down this boss without the need to bubble more then once. Once the stacks get applied then you can bubble and zerg boss down.

    Last Boss – Stack on boss when he does his AOE ability then run through him and then start kiting him every other time he does his AOE cone attack, you should kill him within time.

    Ending day 1 on a positive besides the whole melee Hitting the correct target which I will fix when I play tomorrow.

    PS I wont have a big blog entry tonight since I will be raiding on my main so I might muck around with fixing my Tab targeting issue.

    Till next time Shield you later
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