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    Quote Originally Posted by pinarofl View Post
    Hey Sorry for the lack of updates,

    I am writing something up but yeah its been crazy learning and preparing macros for all the dungeon bosses,

    I have learnt so much about each encounter in detail the amount of times I have pulled the bosses and reset is greater then on my main lol

    I do think tho that 5 hunters or 4 hunters/1 Healer would be ideal, having 5 melee is just not friendly for the boss fights, whilst if you are at range alot of the encounters and mechanics become very trivial, like i can see so many mechanics that if I had 5 hunters with average gear it would make the fight so much easier but for the same affect i would need good gear on my pally team.

    Then there are mechanics that range just excel in, lets just give Priestess in Atal'Dazar - basically the pools she spawns as they spawn you can take 1 hunter at a time and stack them next to a pool with NO DPS loss but if you do the same with melee then you will lose DPS and if you do the opposite and wait for all of them to spawn and take each toon its still a loss due to you running away from the boss. that is just one example but yeah i am thinking about rerolling hunters.

    I have a second team that is Warrior tank, x3 Hunters and Holy Priest.. levelling but going nicely.

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    Threads like this are very interesting. A 5 prot pally team seems like it would be fun, bc they do decent damage. I'm currently running a 5 guardian druid team, 3 120's around 370 ilvl, a 119 and a 116. I can't level the last 2 to cap fast enough lol. Damage output seems to be my main weakness, but how little incoming damage I take in normal dungeons makes it easy enough. I have them set up to be self sufficient, healing themselves with a few binds to nuke heal my main tank if I need it. Thinking of changing 2 of 120's to balance eventually, but my comp now is fine to practice with for now.

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