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    Default Level 90-100 woes

    So I'm returning to multiboxing after taking a break after doing 5 aff locks in legion. I'm trying 5 druids now but every time I get a team up to level 90 I just dread it because the Garrison stuff is all instanced and I have to do it separately on each character. The legion artifact stuff is gonna be a pain too.

    The other issue is that azeroth auto pilot, while amazing, wasn't really made for multiboxing so it recommends doing those Garrison quests.

    So do you guys have any alternatives to leveling a team from 90-100 and then from 100-110 (can I skip artifacts?)

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    The garrison stuff takes what, an hour to finish? Maybe an afternoon if you're lazy like me. The artifact quests are a bit more tedious especially with mixed-class teams. There's always character boosts that'll skip right past all that stuff you find annoying.
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    For both the Garrison and Order hall I just did the very bare minimum to unlock things then jumped right into killing rares, doing bonus kill quests, BGs, LFD. If possible I skipped absolutely everything that I thought might be tough to box.

    The only thing I remember as a pain was the 108-110 level range but that was grouped content nothing solo.

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    Bonus Objectives, Rares, Treasures (in Draenor) and Invasions are all good value. Targeting invasions is a good way to level in Legion with minimal playing time, albeit longer duration outside WoW. The garrison at the start may pay for itself due to the 20% experience potion from 91 to 99. Note that this potion still provides benefit at 100+ if it was active previously, but you cannot refresh it at those levels.

    Boosts may be an option if you'd rather gold farm than level, depending on the rates you achieve at each activity.

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