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    Default Using a monitor on your lap question

    Hi all,
    so being that a desktop PC would be much more budget friendly for multiboxing I am wondering has anyone explored the idea of getting a quiet desktop and having the monitor on their laptop with the keyboard and mouse so that they can play while on their couch? I have been exploring updating my current laptop and so I was thinking I could have a nice compact desktop system with the monitor on my lap instead of a laptop but I am not finding anything where I could mount a monitor screen to a stand that is lap friendly?
    Thoughts?? Is this just a silly idea or has anyone done it?
    Patrick McC

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    Using a regular monitor on your lap would probably cut the circulation off lol, they are quite heavy. A friend of mine does do something similar to what you are after. She calls it her 'slug mode'.

    I think the 'best' you are most likely to get is something like this, where you just slide the wheels under the couch and have the table just above your legs. I know it's not exactly what you asked for but it's all I could think of haha.

    Good luck

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    You can stream your desktop to an existing laptop or TV using an application like Parsec, Nvidia Shield, Moonlight, etc.

    I have a high end desktop at home that I stream via the internet to a cheap windows 10 tablet. Tablet connects to a 24" monitor and a USB hub with keyboard/mouse on my desk at work and I can box any game like I'm at home. With the quality of these desktop streaming apps I see no reason to ever purchase a "gaming laptop" again.

    All you need is a windows or android device with at least 8gb RAM and a decent internet/network connection.
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