Did I just buy the wrong card? I paid 385 for my MSI Aero ITX 1070. Still unopened and in the box with a good return policy. Not being up to speed on everything tech, I only see now that the 2060’s that I thought were coming, are out. And for the same price or less. The FPS in many games is way up, but what about for five-boxing WoW? Will the 33% extra VRAM of the 1070 be more beneficial for me versus all the neat tricks the 2060 can do? I am hoping to run high settings on my main and low on my team. 60 FPS on Main, 20-30 FPS on team is fine. How much VRAM should be allocated to main and slaves these days for a quality experience on “Reasonable” settings?

I went with an Intel i7 8700 and will have 32 GB memory. SSD for harddrive.

Oh, and resolution? 1080 or 1440 or less is fine actually. I don’t need high resolution for some reason so can be flexible there.

Thanks for any thoughts!