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    Default Upgrading some of my hardware. What is your opinion?

    hey! my current specs are;

    • i5 4460 with stock cooler
    • MSI R9 380 4GB
    • MSI H81M PRO-VD
    • 2 X 8 1600 MHZ RAM
    • ZALMAN ZM600-LE 600W PSU
    • SAMSUNG EVO 860 250GB SSD
    • 1080P Monitor

    I generally do stand still farming in open world (WoW) . When i log with my 6 toons , ram usage hits 16GB then its decreasing to 13 GB slowly. VRAM usage is 2GB constant. 4 cpu cores are at %100 usage constant. Temperatures are around 63 Celcius for CPU , 65 Celcius for GPU constant . So this build gives me 40 FPS on master slot and between 15-20fps on slaves. ( 1080P monitor, Graphics are at 1, resolution scale is at %33 )

    So im thinking upgrade to DDR4. I'm able to buy new CPU, motherboard and RAM atm and im gonna use rest of my old build untill mid-summer. If i buy

    • MSI Z390 MEG ACE
    • i7 9700K
    • 16GB + 8 GB 3200 MHZ RAM
    • Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 240mm

    Am i able to run 10 toons at graphics on the lowest? Do u think that r9 380 can handle ? My current PSU is 600W and it has done its job well till today but it doesnt have +80 certificate . It will be enough for new specs? Overclock is a must or stock speeds will be enough? (never done overclock so far. really have no idea. There is an overclock button on MEG ACE motherboard i guess, thats why i choose it). 24 GB ram will be enough for open world contents? What do u think about H100i cooler? I generally play for hours and cooling will be serious i think. Please share your opinions.

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    Do you use a slot-swap macro? Does it include limiting background FPS to 12 and setting slave renderscale to like 0.6? That'd definitely extend your capabilities a lot over not using those. Beeq runs 16 clients on an i7 6700k with some aggressive renderscale/fps settings, so I suspect a 9700k would do 10 without breaking a sweat.
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