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    Default Typing in chat windows

    Is there a macro you can add to an ISBoxer hotkey that will cancel the action if you are typing in a chat window? I know you can just turn broadcasting off but I miss so many Nalak kills that way lol.. I have the spacebar for all jump, and a couple movement keys here and there that can get annoying while typing with broadcasting on. I'm not looking for advice on where to bind my keys.

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    Interesting question indeed...

    Personally im using a addon that counts down to the second a rare respawns. It hasnt let me down so far. Im at work so i dont recall the name of the addon atm.

    The addon will help you not missing a kill.

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    I'm not aware of an in-game function (apart from just pressing enter) that would close the chat typing box, but perhaps some addon could theoretically achieve that?

    ISBoxer itself however has no idea what is going on in your game clients. That would require for the program to try and decipher what exactly is going on in the game and change it's actions based on that information. This would be automation and a big no-no.

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    You could make a keybind to your enter key that toggles broadcasting off and on and sends enter to your current window. But that seems like it would be even more annoying than just double checking to see if you remembered to turn broadcasting on.

    Might I suggest that instead you just changed the default images that isBoxer uses for the broadcasting toggles. Make them bright neon red or something that is easily noticeable when off/on.

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    I have a keymap that is attached to the <enter> key that turns off keymaps and all broadcasting. That way, whenever I press <enter> to chat everything turns off, and then when I press <enter> to send my message it turns everything back on. Works pretty well.
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