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    Default Account Suspended-Violation:Cheating

    I started multiboxing 2-3 months ago with 6 accounts.It was going well for that time but in recent days i am struggling with bans.Firstly my main account has been banned which was 9 years old.When that happened i started to send tickets to blizzard,trying to understand why that happened because what they said was not true.Botting.I asked them numerous times what was the reason for this ban but i couldnt get any answer.They are just saying that they reviewed again and i found guilty of botting but i didnt.I was farming herbs and doing quests only .You know,with my hands,my other chars following me .I gave up on that account but 4 days later 5 of my other accounts also banned while i was farming and i still dont understand why.Now im left with nothing,mis-banned and want to defend myself.Is there any one who experienced the ban (access violation:cheating) and can guide me what to do.My addons:

    -basic minimap
    -gather mate
    -Is boxer
    -wow gathering nodes

    and my tickets:

    There are some strange events happened before 5 of my accounts banned
    1-i was listening music via google chrome on youtube and there was a popup on the lower right corner on the screen showing some adds.I didnt think it is a big issue because i recenly formatted the pc but my eset antivirus said that connection blocked when popup happened.I run a scan when i first encountered this and my antivirus found nothing.Can this be a malware ?
    2-is doing quests or farming ,collecting things at the same time while using multibox brokes one keypress-one action rule?i mean how am i supposed to use multibox without doing things together.and can someone explain this rule?Is this my mistake?
    3-i was using num lock while i have to walk long distances while using multibox because it was easy to run like that without have to press and hold W key.The interesting thing is,before im banned ,i experienced a strange running pattern.while using num lock sometimes my leading character instantly turns 180 degrees back (and slightly teleports back at the same time) and continue to run to opposite direction.But when i used W key that didnt happen so after some time i only used directional keys to move.I was talking with my friend via discord while this happened and now im thinking that maybe the GM talked with me and i didnt saw it so he teleported me and made me go other way.Everytime that happened i quickly returned to go my way.Maybe GM was watching me and decided im a bot because i didnt acted like he wanted?
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