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    Default World PvP 5 DPS or 4 DPS + Heal?

    I am going to start a melee fun-team (rogues) for World PvP.

    Is it better to go for full dps (5 rogues) or should I go for 4 rogues and 1 heal druid?
    Druid as healer is the only option due to stealth.

    So is it worth to sacrifice one dps for the healer? Or is World PvP all about burst dps - especially without /follow?


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    It might not be the answer you're looking for, but: It depends.

    If you're just looking to burst down a few people from stealth and then vanish, the druid might not be necessary. If you're looking to take on slightly larger groups or groups that know you're coming and are a bit organized and the fight will last more than 15 seconds, the healer might be worth the trade-off to give you survivability until you land the kills.

    Burst is very important in PVP. Always has been and not just from a multiboxing stand point. Longer fights generally don't favor us, because then the inefficiency of our teams on a per character basis starts to matter a lot more. Although with something as tanky as Blood DKs in Legion, the trade off of losing DPS and gaining the massive amount of damage reduction and self healing was, in some cases, well worth it.
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    Valkry has a WPvP team of 5 rogues right now.

    If you need a healer, shroud of concealment on round robin would help a bit with stealth if you went with a non-druid healer. If you're alliance then you could go night elf disc priest or mistweaver monk for the their stealth racial.

    I know arena is not WPvP but if you go by the arena class distribution rankings you see Disc Priest, Ass. Rogue, and Mistweaver monk are in the majority of the teams. I bet any 5 rogue or 4 rogue 1 healer would kick some serious butt.

    If I were making a team I would go 5 rogues if horde, or as alliance 4 rogues 1 NE Disc Priest or NE Mistweaver monk.

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    For WPvP you don't want to spend a lot of time reacting. I found when I was driving as healer that I could not be in reactive mode. Everything had to be proactive. Setups and being able to lean on a mechanism like fear for example. Feared is doing no damage so no need to heal.

    Anyway that'd be the argument against using a healer. You could totally go wPVP without one. Personally I prefer one but I haven't touched wPvP at all this expansion so maybe that's why. FYI I switched from click healing to hotkey healing to make my healer somewhat competent in wPvP years ago. Like WoD era.

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