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    Default New PC Guidance for Triple Boxing Classic WoW

    I am planning on triple boxing mages in Classic, and I am looking for some guidance on the most economical way to build a PC for this purpose.

    My goals:
    1. Triple box three mages for farming and mass pvp. I want to be able to blink into a crowd of 80 enemies in Blackrock Mountain and have my PC not be responsible for any lag I experience.
    2. I want the game to look very nice on my main monitor. On my main monitor, I would like to play at 1440p and 144hz with high settings. For my secondary monitor, I am fine with low visual quality, so long as my slaves do not experience any issues that make them less responsive.
    3. I would like to be able to record/stream while I am playing, especially in hectic situations.
    4. I am in no hurry. My goal is to have my new system up and running a couple of weeks before Classic. With a release announced for some time this summer, I figure I have until May at the earliest, so I want to take advantage of sales, but I need to know what will get the job done in order to confidently pull the trigger on a good deal.
    5. My budget is ~$1200. Ideally, I would get a monitor for this price as well.

    Questions for you:
    1. Will I be able to get a product that can meet my goals for this price? Even with a monitor?
    2. What range of video cards and processors should I be targeting as I search for sales?
    3. For WoW, I have read that nVidia is considered superior to AMD. Confirm/deny? Should I be looking for any specific brands? Freesync vs Gsync?
    4. Will 16 gigs of ram be adequate?
    5. Is there a reason to expect a significant price drop of anything I could need between now and Classic's release?
    6. I am currently using an I5-6600k 3.5 GHz and a GeForce 970. What would my triple boxing experience look like just using my current hardware?

    Any additional input would be appreciated. Thank you!
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