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    Default Video Card Assignment Priority

    I run 9 toons on WoW using ISBoxer and two displays. The 8 minions fit nicely on the secondary monitor while using the leave a hole option. My motherboard has multiple card slots so I use a separate card for each monitor. My question is this...Should I use the better video card for the minions or the primary to get better overall smoothness? I do use a slot swap macro to reduce the load on minions, thanks to Mirai's videos.

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    What kind of grafixcards are we talking about...
    Which cpu... cpu affinity used...
    What are your current resulolutions... ram gb? ingame settings... monitor size... refreshrates... etc.... etc... are you unhappy with your current gameplay...etc...tell us more.

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    Thank you for your response and I'm sorry if other info was needed. I thought what I gave was sufficient to answer for two variables in generic situations.
    I have an Intel I7 8700 on an Asus Rog board with 32gigs of ddr4 3200mhz ram. Operating system and WoW are both on a Samsung 970 vnand ssd. I was waiting for video card prices to drop but seems it isn't happening. Currently, until I get the 2070 I just ordered, I'm running a 1060 3g for the primary and 1050ti for the secondary. Both monitors are HDMI 1080p 60hertz native. My primary monitor is 32" and secondary 22". I set Isboxer settings for 30 frames in front and 15 in background. The settings I use allow me to play smoothly using Directx11. The graphics slider is set at 2 then the slot swap tweaks it from there, and 1080 whatever is the resolution. Here's my slot swap macro.
    /console graphicsQuality 2
    /console graphicsViewDistance 2
    /console graphicsEnvironmentDetail 2
    /console graphicsGroundClutter 1
    /console graphicsShadowQuality 2
    /console graphicsLiquidDetail 1
    /console graphicsParticleDensity 1
    /console graphicsTextureFiltering 3
    /console RenderScale 0.5

    /console graphicsViewDistance 7
    /console graphicsEnvironmentDetail 7
    /console graphicsGroundClutter 2
    /console graphicsShadowQuality 3
    /console graphicsLiquidDetail 2
    /console graphicsParticleDensity 3
    /console graphicsTextureFiltering 5
    /console RenderScale 1.0

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    The 1060 and 1050ti is ok to run main monitor on. Just use the same as you do now, easiest, and then use the new 2070 to run the second monitor on, when you get it. In any case, if i got this right, the 1050ti has 4gb vram and the 8 games need them more vs 3gb vram from the 1060.

    Edit: never played on any larger than 24inch monitors. Have no idea how many gb vram your 32inch uses. But you could use hwinfo monitor 64 to find out while gaming. If need be, use the 1050ti on it when you get the 2070.
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    Unless you are not swapping, and have setup ISBoxer in a very specific way so the games on one monitor will never go to the other monitor, then they are probably rendering on one card.
    On the other hand, if you have force set it in WoW as to which card they are using, then when they do swap, they still render on that card, and you then have two games rendering on a card, but displaying on a monitor not powered by that card.

    In both situations, there is a performance hit, but, whatever is running your active region, is handling it already (which, from your description, is probably the 1060).

    Two monitors and two cards is probably the worst config if you are going to have games swapping from one monitor to the other (because one is running the "main" region). That said, a single 2070 would remove any performance hit, and probably provide oodles of vram to spare. Under DX11, you need approx 500MB VRAM per game instance.

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    Yeah and to be fair, and for simplicity, i would have bought a newer and a bit larger second monitor, then let the 2070 drive everything. I would have atleast tried it.

    If it works out, sell the 1050ti and 1060.
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