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    Default Need help getting into PvP

    I have 5 hunters around ilvl 345 that are super easy to play and farm WQs or anything PvE, but im getting burned out of the PvE stuff and need some info from yall who play a 5-man team with Warmode on. I tried warmode for the fist time at 120 with 345 gear(thinking this ilvl might be ok) and if I get jumped by 2+ people im basically dead.I mainly did PvP when I boxed up to Panda, and I understand boxing PvP is different now but if I cant PvP, I dont think I will continue boxing.

    I currently have no melee teams above 40, so this would almost be starting from scratch. I have not solo played Dk, Enh, or Feral in a couple of years. So it would be learning to play each of these over again.

    So, going the Melee route focusing on PvP while doing PvE stuff:

    What is the most viable comp for Warmode at 120?

    What is the noob friendly comp for Warmode ar 120?

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    The secret to PvP is to first identify the problem and then find a way to fix it.

    Hunters have a lot of tools, if jumped by 2 people you could,
    Face Target keybind
    Pet stuns on round robin while you focus one of them down

    You'll need to narrow down your problems though, take baby steps. Just being killed by 2 people is too broad, you need to narrow down whats went wrong. I am sure there are ways around all the WPvP issues, you could stick with the hunter team and do fine.

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    I guess it depends on ilvl. Most of the people smashing you in wPvP will try it when they have 40+ ilvls on you. If similar ilvl then you should beat 2 people easily.

    Years ago my biggest issue on my trinity 5 box crew was my reaction speed. I played a prot war + resto shaman + 3 BM hunters. No matter what I did I would get smashed. I was then healing with grid and clique. My reaction time was abysmal.

    I made an effort to stop click healing and got on the naga wagon. I setup a map to heal and well, the naga is gone so now I use the keypad on the keyboard.

    SLOT 1 = 2
    SLOT 2 = 1
    SLOT 3 = 3
    SLOT 4 = 0
    SLOT 5 = .

    I drive from the healer and I use grid and custom grid layouts to organize my grid units like my keypad. So the buttons are 1:1 with the characters I want to heal.

    Nomod = Single Target heal rotation
    Mod: ALT = Single Target hard heal rotation
    Mod: SHIFT = AoE heal Target
    Mod: ALT+ SHIFT = Dispel Target

    I also mapped a survival keybind to the Mod: ALT binding. Basically if my shaman was healing a hunter, the hunter would get a healing surge and the hunter would disengage.

    To escape the gank one shots setup a keybind and call it ALL WALL. This one should be obvious. One button to wall every character. This will save you from one of those big ganks other multiboxers will try to get you with, a bladestorm, ele shamans, etc.

    I really liked resto shaman for the AoE healing. When stacked which is usually a big no-no in PvP a resto shaman can make a difference.

    If you manage those two things your reaction time should be really good. Like John said the hunter toolkit is nice for PvP. You can even bind your traps to [@player] to drop them right at your feet, then disengage. So if the melee is really intent on getting a hunter they''ll get a trap for their trouble!

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