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    Default [Classic] 2-Boxing Rogue + X(Tank?) Feasible ?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm making my own topic since the classic one doesn't seem to have a lot of activity and I'd like some visibility.

    [offtopic intro]
    I'm 26 now, played wow from vanilla to woltk and I'm so hyped for classic as I guess most of us are.Especially since I was very young while playing classic so raiding was mostly just /follow when I had to pretend sleeping and then turning on my screen to me being dead in MC's lava.
    Zul Gurub was pretty fun tho.

    Anyway, I mained a rogue in most of my wow carrier along with a dk with which I MT'ed in woltk, I really loved the MT role, felt so gratifying I can still remember when my guild's MT sent me a PM in an immortal naxx run saying he wanted to stop playing as much but couldn't since he hadn't found a proper replacement but was feeling I could do the job.
    [/offtopic intro]

    With Vanilla coming back it's hard not to main rogue again, I want that T2 set that I was dreaming of when I was a kid.
    I can't make my mind between leveling a warrior / druid / priest / (mage) with my rogue, my goal being to be able to play both well at the same time in order to ultimately farm 5 man dungeon together.

    As far as I remember finding a slot in a dungeon group as a rogue wasn't always easy and I could spend hours finding one, that's why being able to play a healer / tank at the same time seems like an advantage.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards the druid for the double invis char during leveling for some quests plus the fact that it could ultimately be either a tank or a heal in dungeons. But is this double invis really a plus since being 2 I won't have to skip much mobs anyway could just kill them.

    How would a rogue / warrior duo perform compared to a druid / rogue ? What about the priest / rogue ?

    Since my goal is to get 60 quite fast, hopefully in the first 3 weeks (would have some holidays set up), would leveling two chars at once, instead of just my rogue slow me down ?

    Is it a dream to be able to play efficiently 2 chars at once ?

    Hoping to have answers, sorry if the post seems a bit messy, I'm just so excited and eager to speak about wow.

    The main challenge for 5-man dungeon after a few thoughts seems to be the rogue not in the main window, I guess I could manage after some training to play the rogue whose rotation I know while controlling a healer with macros even though that would require a lot of awareness of the whole group position.

    But controlling for instance the bear tank or warrior in the main window while positioning the rogue correctly seems like a real hassle, since I'm not familiar with boxing maybe you have some techniques to do that.

    On top of that, I've researched the tank druid rotation in classic and it seems to involve a lot of tabbing to target other mobs in order to generate threat on them, a little movement and my rogue would be off range, furthermore as far as I remember even as a combat rogue it's preferable to be behind the mob / boss in order not to get parried or blocked to get a good dps.

    Looking forward to read about your experiences !
    Peace to you all and happy boxing !
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