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    Default Has anyone tried 1 Prot Pala + 4 Rets in BFA already?


    I would like to level 5 Palas for mythic+ dungeons.
    Is a team of a Prot and 4 Rets viable?
    Does anyone have such a team at level 120 and can share some experiences?

    I think the main question is whether word of glory is sufficient for healing in mythic + dungeons?

    What is the current status of a 5 Prot Team?
    I assume the damage of 5 Prot is not high enough to play higher keys (5+) - is that true?
    Does the prot have enough healing powers?

    Thx for help


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    I can't answer your first question but I'm interested to know how viable that compo is as well! Regarding the damage throughput for 5 tanks, a team of 5 individuals recently finished Underrot+15 with 5 tanks, so there is hope. On a similar subject, we need more videos of people finishing M+!

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    I switched my 5 pali tank team to the traditional tank/healer/3xDPS team, I am mainly driving from the healer. I have not done any high mythics with them yet, not quite geared for it.

    My experience so far, a pali healer is very easy to box, my favorite healer right now. Not very happy with Ret DPS compared to my hunters but gear may fix that problem. Dungeon mechanics make all ranged easier to deal with than all melee but things are possible. Any azerite trait that increases your movement speed helps alot because you're constantly running out of the aoe attacks from the bosses and paladins are so slow.

    The healer does have a lot of down time and the DPS has so many healing utilities that 1xTank/4xDPS seems like it could work, I just never tried it.

    My gut feeling tells me it will work well for some bosses but not for others. The fights aren't all tankandspank anymore.

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    I ran 1x prot 4x ret. I was playing fairly casually so only got around to doing a Mythic +4 with them. Some instances were not too bad at all, but some encounters are a major pain. So they are viable to an extent.

    Still, I did quite like them as a team, although personally I think they are a pale version of the Ret I remember so fondly from MoP and WoD. What is also annoying is that as of 8.1 the Greater Blessings don't stack anymore. 4x of each on the tank was really nice bit of absorbtion and healing.

    As far as WoG healing, it is substantial, but finite. I think on average I could completely reset my team's health 3 or so times before I had gone through all the stacks on each toon. It's a lot more about not taking damage than healing through stuff. Thankfully Rets are super easy to macro and the top performing talents are mostly passives so the output is decent, if you're not having to dance around too many boss abilities, so you can burning stuff down fairly fast and bubble, hand of protection and lay on hands can help trivialize some mechanics.
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