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    Default Good uses of 300% leveling elixir

    Hi all, I am looking for good spots while leveling 5 mages to use the Elixir of the rapid mind Horde side.

    So far the only tip I am aware of is, amass as many quests as I can in 1 zone and then activate the buff and turn them all in, is there a good zone for this? or does anyone have any better tips as most online are for solo.

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    what level are your mages?

    I know that there are many quest near the Nexus dungeon area, u could do all them dont hand in and then take the potion then hand them all in

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    Unless it has changed, the best is using it in WoD completing bonus objectives - clear all bonus objectives until only 1 thing is needed and then fly around to them and complete them.

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    Also, WoD treasure collection... if you're in that range, and easiest with WoD flying unlocked.
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    Right now they are 25, and there are lots of quests that are not MB friendly but WOD method seems the best.

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    After last patch xp reduction, one could probably go 92-100 just doing Gorgrond bonus objectives, rares drop quests and treasures (all requiring almost no effort if boxing or boosted) with full heirloom and regular garrison elixir, so using Elixir of Rapid Mind there could seem a waste...

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    Just sell it in the AH for 60k or so, leveling is so fast now. Or save to AH later as the price should skyrocket with them no longer dropping.

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