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    Default New and confusing blizzard account management pages..

    So i just logged on, expecting to see all my games (wow 1-8), and see which had subscriptions etc.

    It has a brand new layout.. it doesnt say which games have "BFA", it just say "lack subscription" or "manage" if it has a active subscription.

    I had plans to just buy a lot of bfa games for these accounts, as they were only up to legion last time i used them.

    Did they just change it, so you dont have to buy the latest game? Is having a subscription enough to play "everything up to and including bfa?".

    I had lots of characters on these accounts at lvl 110, which i plan to revive, but i dont remember which sub account they were on... before i could click on a game, then choose to "transfere a character" and it would let me look thru the possible characters on that account. But now everything is hidden. I dont want to buy a subscription for all just to find out where my characters are.

    Any insight would be nice.


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    You can look in your WTF folder for which toons are on which account. You can view it a little faster in ISBoxer if you use it.
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    Also, even without a sub you can still log into WoW to the character select screen and see what characters you have on that account (and purchase a token from that screen if you have enough gold).

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    I couldnt find them under the old or new "WTF" folder, since i hadnt played those characters for a long time and it was a "fresh" wow install. Seems its only generated after you log into the game on a character.

    I did manage to log on the accounts individually and was able to see which characters was on each, on the character select screeens.

    Thanks a lot for the help, i got what i wanted.

    Now i have a fully updated list of all my accounts and which characters are located where.
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