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    Default How many accounts can i run?

    I've tried doing my own research but I'm a noob. I haven't had a pc in a decade and some friends want to play WoW again. I have this setup but my video card couldn't be found so it's in a photo here.

    Does anyone know about how many accounts i could run? Can I even run more than 1?


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    Ugh...1GB of VRAM? I can't even theorycraft where that would put you. Two accounts maybe? The modern clients take up (in my experience) 1.3-1.8GB of system RAM each. So with OS overhead, you'll probably be limited to two regardless of the video card support. 3 might "work" but I wouldn't expect it to be something I'd call "fun."

    [edit] Do some reading around here on the other performance/build threads. Folks are struggling to box 5 in BofA with 8GB of system RAM and much more capable video cards.
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    I see. Well, that's exactly what i was looking for. No point buying 5 accounts if i am this far behind. I will try dual-boxing for a bit and get a feel for it. I already know I'll like it. I'm not going to build a "real" gaming rig until summer and I'll be sure to have my homework done and build picked out in advance.

    Thank's for the reply!

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    You can always add a trial account or two and see what happens.
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    Just keep your old pc:
    use it for schoolwork, watching youtube, netflix etc, and 1 wow account, to use as a "tsm AH sniper pc".

    Then buy a new pc and a couple cheap 24 inch monitors to multibox on.

    I bought this pc used a short time ago, a bargain imo at 700 us dollars:

    gtx 980Ti, 4790K cpu, 512GB Samsung ssd, motherboard Z97, 16gb ram (il buy 16 gb more somewhere), corsair aio cooler, 650w powersupply, fractal case, win 10 home 64 bit

    Getting a "proper" but cheap pc to multibox 5 accounts isnt that expensive. At 1080p, 60hz. If you do some searching around.
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    I started with dual-boxing just the two accounts I had and loved it for a good while. Teaches you all the basics. Then, when you have your gaming rig this coming summer, it will be a natural progression to go five. Hope it is fun!

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